Acapulco occupies an important place in Mexican culture. Unconsciously, its presence as an old tourist destination is so ingrained in memory that no one is willing to easily leave the idyllic promise of its beaches, as doing so would be almost like killing the dreams of childhood. In the same way, it would be naive trying to revive its image to make it what it once was. ‘Fondo de Cristal’ is a re-count of nostalgic signs and visual references whose merit invokes Acapulco’s glorious past. The spaces shown by Catherine Abitbol’s photographs are living and populated ruins, vestiges of glamor that have been patinated by rust and decay, bathed by ambition and fighting spirit accompanied by the current echo of crime and recreation; they are games of light and shadow in oblivion. These sites cover the territorial treasure, unveiled by Catherine’s photographs, whose sensation hits the memory as images of which she flees knowing that, as the poet says, to the place where one has been happy, it is better not to return.