Yunior Marino
Cuba, 1976.

Sitio personal.

Yunior Marino completed his studies at the Instituto Superior de Artes de Cuba before moving to Miami. Marino, an artist in every sense of the word, works not only as a plastic artist but also as a musician and designer. Through all means, it seeks to investigate the universal questions of the cosmos, nature and time. Marino has captured the audience with the colorful details of his painting, the ethereal and changing melodies in his music and the candor in his photography.

He conceives the creation of his paintings as mantras, in the sense that through the repetition of the same action his mind is completely empty and the act of painting becomes a way of meditation. Marino explains that the timing and process of creating a work are the core of what the painting means, stating: “The way they were made is what they are.” Marino frames the art of creation as simply fixing what we have destroyed once. He actively uses his past and the concept of the passing of time with universality to heal this way his present and future. For Yunior Marino, the art of creating has no restrictions on insular “being,” but it encompasses the larger universe. His paintings represent what we are, and not only what we are as a race but conceiving the “We” as a whole. He has worked in different countries and has exhibited extensively in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Cuba.


2002 – Superior Institute of Art (ISA). C.Havana. Cuba.
1991 – Professional school of Visual Art. Santiago de Cuba. Cuba. 1988 – Elementary school of Visual Art. Granma. Cuba.


2007 – “Yunior Marino, recents paintings”. Artane Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey. 2006 – “Seven doors and one exit”. Myto Gallery, Mexico City.
2005 – “Nothing”. Myto Gallery, Mexico City.
2002 – “En fin….el mar”. Myto Gallery, Mexico City.
2001 – “Classified information”. Center of Contemporary Art Wilfredo Lam, Havana, Cuba. 2000 – “Classified information”. Havana Gallery, Havana, Cuba.


2002 – “Raul Martinez”, Society of the advancement of the Latin American Arts. La Havana, Cuba. 2000 – Curatorial Award for “Con un pensar abstraido”. La Havana, Cuba.

1997 – “Salon 2 de Diciembre Award”. Granma, Cuba.

1996 – “Salon 10 de Octubre”. Granma, Cuba.
– “Salon Regino Boti Award”. Guantanamo, Cuba.
– “Salon de la Ciudad award”. Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

1995 – Award from FBC; UNEAC and AHS at “Salon 30 de Noviembre”. Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1992 – “Jornada Cientifica estudiantil Award”. Holguin, Cuba.


2009 -“Arte Sana”. National Museum of Anthropology (MNA), Myto Gallery. Mexico City.
– Liste 09. Myto Gallery. Basel, Switzerland.
– ZONAMACO. Myto Gallery. Mexico City.

2008 – NADA. Myto Gallery. Miami. USA.
– FEMACO. Myto Gallery, Mexico City.
– “Alpha fundraising show” (alternative school). Toronto, Canada.

2007 – MACO 04. Myto Gallery, Mexico City.
– “Locus Solus”. Myto Gallery, Mexico City.

2006 – MACO 03. Myto Gallery, Mexico City.
– “Tongues and tastes Miami”. Miami, USA.

2005 – ARCO. Myto Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
– MACO 02. Myto Gallery, Mexico City.
– “Wet Paint”. Jose Marti National Library. La Havana, Cuba.

2004 – “Found objects”. Myto Gallery, Mexico City.

2003 – “Invadiendo territorios”. MUBAG Museum, Alicante, Spain.
– MUESTRA 2. Myto Galley, Mexico City.
– ART MIAMI. Myto Gallery, Miami, USA.

2002 – “Art at the garden”. Spain Embassy in Cuba. La Havana, Cuba.
– “Double or half”. Spain Cultural Center in Cuba. La Havana, Cuba.
– “De tal palo tal astilla”. ICAIC Cultural Center. La Havana Cuba.

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1999 – “El tiempo como espacio”. ISA Gallery. La Havana, Cuba.
– “Con un mirar abstraido”. DUPP, La Rampa, LA Havana, Cuba.
– “Ana Mendieta Performance Festival”. DUPP, Pabellon Cuba, La Havana, Cuba.
– “La Epoca”. DUPP, La Epoca Comercial Center, La Habana,Cuba.

1998 – “Esto no tiene nombre”. ISA Gallery, La Havana Cuba.

1997 – “Salon 2 de Diciembre”. Granma Art Center. Granma, Cuba.

1996 – “Salon 10 de Octubre”. Granma Art Center, Granma, Cuba.
– “Salon territorial Regino Boti”. Guantanamo Art Center, Guantanamo, Cuba.
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– “Jornada Cientifica estudiantil”. Holguin Art Center, Holguin, Cuba.