Orly Anan, James Bonachea, Yunior Marino, Viktor Martinez, Ariel Orozco y Jerónimo Reyes Retana.

“(…) Their faces turn pale on the concrete highway ; The arid wind makes the bodies shake as they sweat cold and the horizon becomes cloudy. Everything turns and, despite the overwhelming motion, they stand, they resist. ”

This is the scenario in which the search of an avid creator persists, such as Ariel Orozco, who brings to Earth the shape hidden inside a meteorite, similar to the sneaky touch inside James Bonachea’s geography; recondite like Orly Anan’s theatrical epiphanies. At the same time, the hunger in Viktor Martinez’s hellhounds proclaims the subsistence of the soul, while the echo of Yunior Marino’s mantras forges the spirituality, preserved in Jerónimo Reyes Retana’s installations with a delicate balance between the hardness of the marble and the fragility of the glass .

The plastic energy of each artist is fuel and inspiration, given and not betrayed; they are resistances placed at risk before the volatility of a world that is frivolous with its own experience. Preserving the ecstasy, each of these artists maintains the personality that lives inside their works; they resist the constant pressure, which is easily dissolved in this contemporaneity. They resist, above all, themselves.